• nico87 disse...
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    • Abr 3 2007, 17h28


    i'm a little bit surprised, that here's no thread concerning the music of cb.
    thus, here it is^^
    i like the songs "rain" (with the female vocalist), "adieu" and "green brid" most.

    • Sared_18 disse...
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    • Jul 20 2007, 1h08
    I very like "See You Space Cowboy" (best ending ever) and "Words"/"Blue" (this song have two titles).

    • DJ_Otaku disse...
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    • Ago 9 2007, 16h33
    The Seatbelts is the band that got me into music. I love them to death.

    • Timothey disse...
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    • Out 10 2007, 1h40
    Cowboy Bebop's soundtrack was simply awesome and it add more to the series than anything else could have. Music is as important to every episodes as the characters.

    If you like Cowboy Bebop's music, you should check out Darker Than Black's soundtrack who was also made by Yoko Kanno.

  • My favoritues first three (some are exequo) get me everytime.

    1. Blue
    1. Gotta Knock Little Harder

    2. Real Folk Blues
    2. See You Space Cowboy

    3. Space Lion
    3. Goodnight Julia

    4. Ask DNA
    5. Rain (both versions)
    6. Call Me, Call Me
    7. Don't Bother None (with that insane harmonica solo at end)

    and few more, like Spokey Dorkey (alternate take), or Forever Broke, or Tank!

    Mateusz "Craven" Wielgosz
    "Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone."
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    • ojneto disse...
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    • Out 11 2008, 20h56
    i like real folk blues, tank!, and call me.

    "you're no longer sitting at home waiting for moments to come to you. you're out and you're going to the moments." - ian mackaye
    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Nov 4 2008, 15h48
    i like the choir from ballad of fallen angels (idk the name), memory is one of the best, and the song that plays after spikes death.
    if you could gimme the names of these i'd appreciate it

  • Love it all. I think Farewell Blues and Blue are my favorite OSTs, though. Hard to choose between the two, but I think it's Blue.

    Gotta Knock a Little Harder
    Farewell Blues
    Time to Know ~ Be Waltz
    No Reply
    Call Me Call Me
    No Money

    • Sjisz disse...
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    • Mai 5 2009, 7h25
    I really really love the music.
    Best songs are Blue, See you Space Cowboy, The Realy Folk Blues and Tank!
    The movie songs are good too, for instance 3.14 and Gotta knock a little harder

    Your face contorts into a mess when six drinks just won't do the trick
    so bottoms up and cheers alike to the memory of this wreck.
  • Gotta knock a little harder and Blue own my fuckin soul! That' given!

    Mateusz "Craven" Wielgosz
    "Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone."
    • Ennish disse...
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    • Jan 25 2010, 17h13
    Green Bird and Call Me Call Me are my top favorites, but I also like Blue, Rush, Digging My Potato, What Planet is This?, Goodnight Julia, Adieu, and Tank!.

    • some_lun disse...
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    • Fev 5 2010, 8h53
    piano bar

    • gabesf08 disse...
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    • Jun 4 2010, 5h48

    Song in episode 9 Jamming with Edward

    Cats On Mars!!! Best song hands down. How come no one mentioned it? It's the song that plays when MPU is talking to Ed about crop circles when the cops jam communication.

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