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Şebnem Ferah

She was born on 12th April, 1972 in Yalova. She worked with school orchestra as a vocalist. She graduated from Bursa College. She had a music band which was called “Pegasus” but she always dreamed of a girl band. In 1988, her dream came true. The group was called “Volvox”. They performed at Kemancı Bar regularly and finally they decided to establish an album. Although everthing was ready, they gave up. (Şebnem Ferah still saves the demo.) After that in 1994, Volvox was dispersed.

After Volvox, she was discovered by Sezen Aksu and Onno Tunç. On 15th November, 1996 she released her first album, “Kadın”. “Vazgeçtim Dünyadan” was the first video-clip. She was number one in every lists.

She worked with members of Pentagram (Demir Demirkan, Tarkan Gözübüyük) and İskender Paydaş.
Her first concert was on 4th April, 1997 at İzmir Ege University. It was unforgettable. There was about 6000 people.

In 1998 her sister, Aycan Ferah, died. After two years on 24th June, 1999 she released her second album which is called “Artık Kısa Cümleler Kuruyorum”. Its lyrics are very sincere and melodies are effective and interesting.

Ali Ferah, her father, died on 17th August, 1999 because of the earthquake. Her father always supported her. She felt very lonely and only music could make her happy... Music is always her best friend and it is the way of explaining her own feelings. On 3rd October 2001, she released her third album which is called “Perdeler”. She feated with Apocalyptica for “Perdeler”. This album was the most energetic one.

After two years, on 12th May 2003, she released “Kelimeler Yetse...” which is her fourth album. This album was more depressive than the others.

After two years, on 5th July 2005 she released “Can Kırıkları” which is her fifth album. The melodies are the hardest in this album.

At last, she released her sixth album which is named "Benim Adım Orman" on 16th December 2009.

Şebnem Ferah worked as back vocal and feated with many singers.

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