• ngel05 disse...
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    • Jan 26 2007, 4h09


    Well when i looked at the demographics it shows only 13 members livin in korea.

    well anyway, anyone here actually koreans?

    i know i am.. but im livin in aussie anyway.

    ps. have any1 actually been to korea?

  • I'm korean!^^ but I live in sweden.. I've been to korea several times, love going there! so much to do! and the food...

  • I live in Korea, but I am an American.

    I live in Uijeongbu and I spend most of my weekends going to Hongdae and places like that.


    I am also a Korean linguist in the US Army.

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    • ngel05 disse...
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    • Fev 4 2007, 2h46
    Thats awesome.. I never seen any westerner in Korea ever when I live in Korea.. Its pretty cool.

    • pr4y disse...
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    • Jul 24 2007, 16h49
    i m french, and i m living actually in Korea

    • HayBung disse...
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    • Ago 1 2007, 3h34
    I am half Japanese half American and lived in Korea.
    I go every other year for religious reasons.
    I love Korea!

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Ago 20 2007, 12h29
    lol i'm a korean but i tend to live in strange places.

    i'm currently residing in tonga

    • Lavitaa disse...
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    • Ago 26 2007, 19h36
    naw I'm half korean & half japanese .___."
    and life in germany -.-"
    ~don't like germany a lot~

    Just smile, and there's nothing you can't overcome
  • i'm korean living in the states!! i was born here and plan to go to korea very soon!!!

    동방신기 WHAITING!!!
    • DjGiana disse...
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    • Dez 24 2007, 23h10
    I live in sweden and im big fan of the korean culture

    ihope i can visit korean soon ^^

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    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Dez 30 2007, 22h16
    Korean living in USA, go to Korea often! :))

    • richpea disse...
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    • Jan 16 2008, 14h42
    English, living in Seoul.. right in the middle, next to Dongdaemun Stadium... hehehe...

    but I speak Korean and most of my friends tell me I am more Korean than Korean people... sooo.... hhmmmmmm....


    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jan 30 2008, 4h44
    I am Korean born in Seoul, live in the US, complete with cute broken english! lol

    • M-Jin disse...
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    • Jan 30 2008, 5h49
    I live in Seoul. and high-school student.

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  • I live in Korea, but I am actually Austrian (no kangaroo, the one in Europe) and I love it here in Seoul!

  • white... lol

    • danzun disse...
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    • Jun 1 2008, 5h58
    i'm a korean, born and living in seoul :-S

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    • Damaramu disse...
    • Assinante
    • Ago 19 2008, 15h24
    I'm half Korean, half Caucasian. I was born in Seoul but have lived in the US all my life (army brat). I've been to Korea several times as I have TONS of family there. I'd like to go back soon.

  • i am chinese, i the states. but i have some korean friends.....

  • I'm a Korean living in Canada.
    I haven't been back in 12 years, but hopefully I can visit soon ~

  • I'm Serbian (and living in Serbia)

    • Silid disse...
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    • Abr 8 2009, 19h58
    I'm Hungarian not Korean or Japanese ^_^" Just a girl from Europe from Hungary :D
    But! I learning japanese after school since 2006.9. and i want to learning Korean at university! Yeeey ^_-~*

    • Auddits disse...
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    • Abr 15 2009, 4h36
    I'm Filipino, and I live in the states; but whenever we go to the Philippines, we pass by Korea :'D
    I didn't get to visit the Philippines recently, but I hope to... xD 'cause then I can persuade my parents into staying in Korea for a little while before going back to the US x3

  • half korean, half caucasian...living in the US. I've been to Korea a few times and have family there. hope to visit again soon!

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