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Featured tracks in music manager

  • Featured tracks in music manager


    I uploaded a couple of tracks into the music manager, but they do not appear in the featured tracks part of the manager. They do appear on the artist profile under the album, however I cannot add them to the featured tracks.

    Any help would be appreciated!


  • Hello,

    For several months, I have had a similar problem with managing featured tracks on
    my artist page:


    Some months ago, Music Manager started getting a bit screwy with my song settings. They would no longer be available for full preview and I would have to go and reset them and they would be fine for a while...

    Then my featured tracks disappeared. My album was still in the catalogue with all boxes checked to be full-length and saved. They appear under album in my artist profile. When I attempt to manage my featured tracks, there are only has 2 songs available to add from the 10 song album.

    Also, although my settings have been checked and re-checked for full length preview, those 2 tracks show up as 30 seconds. I am not able to remove the 2 tracks from the featured tracks either.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

  • Anyone? Is it a known issue? Any help would be appreciated....

  • WOW! No answer since November?? You guys are really losing it, I'm teling ya. there are plenty of streaming/radio/music promotion services coming up and although Last.fm is my fav, my current only love, I can see myself migrating somewhere else due to the lack of maintenance.

  • Music Manager catalogue section is pants

    My Music Manager catalogue section is not showing all the music on the LABEL. Some of it is hidden in the Artist profiles. Is it really too much to ask that this works, all the tracks for an artist are linked to the label and I can see them?

    What's more, in the "about" section the album is called Grimey City not the title. This system sucks.

    Grimey City
    The Meat Beat / Welcome To Blood City

    What goes around comes around.
  • Hi,

    For anyone in this thread who is still having problems: could you be specific about which releases are not showing up in your Featured Tracks interface?


  • Featured tracks in music manager

    Just uploaded a one-off song. Not part of Album, but uploaded as album with one track since that was the only option. I can't get the single track to display in featured tracks either.
    Helen - Artist: Denise Wallace. Album/Track: "Here's My Hand"
    Please help.
    Thanks! Denise

    • Nition disse...
    • Usuário
    • Mar 6 2012, 6h52
    I'm having this issue also. I uploaded two albums yesterday. One is all full-length/free download tracks, and the other has a couple of full-length preview tracks. The albums appear to have uploaded fine and are visible on the Catalogue page. However, nothing shows under "ADD SOME TRACKS" to select on the featured page.

    Bill Borman

    • Nition disse...
    • Usuário
    • Mar 7 2012, 6h28
    I just went back and opened the albums up in the manager again today and saved them again, and now they show up on the featured tracks screen, so I recommend anyone else who was having trouble try the same. I know I opened and saved them several times the other day when I first uploaded them, and it wasn't working. Maybe it just needed some time.

  • Hi Denise,

    We've now uncached your release, so this should be appearing in the Featured Tracks interface.


  • Album by "Various Artists"

    Please, could you help me?
    I uploaded an album "Oživlé lživé" through music manager Děti Kapitána Morgana.
    But this album is now here
    ...by Various Arstist.
    I uploaded songs too, it seems that there are no songs uploaded...

    thx for your answer ,)

  • Hi,

    It seems you were experiencing the recent upload problems at the time you added this release - these have now been fixed, so we invite you to try again.


  • Featured tracks in Music Manager

    Hello again,
    I posted about this issue last November, but will be more specific in hopes that you are able to help me.

    I have an album, "Caged and Unreleased" uploaded for over a year. I used to have it set the way I wanted with 6 featured tracks and all songs playing full length. But when all of these issues started, I saw that there was only two tracks featured, the other 9 songs are not even available to add. The settings appear right on my end but are not reflected on the album page.


    The now 11 songs should all be able to be full-length, not just Flypaper and Dirty Knees.

    Also, because of this issue, I have not been able to do a powerplay campaign.

    Please let me know if I need to delete album and start again or if you can fix this on your end. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Dee/Persian Claws

  • Featured tracks in Music Manager

    i can't add the track "dance like this!" to be featured. it's full-length promo and set free for download, and show up in the list of tracks to be added, but there's no plus button.
    all the other tracks works although there was a problem at first where i had to disable and enable the full-length promo again for them to show up in the list.

    Dance Like This!

    ricard hammarström

  • Hi Ricard,

    This track has also been provided via IODA on the compilation Burn All The Small Towns (label: panic & action), and dual source means that tracks cannot be set to full length promo. Do panic & action have rights to this?


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