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Forum rules: Please read before posting

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    Forum rules: Please read before posting

    Rules and Guidelines for the General Discussion Forum

    This forum is a discussion forum in which you should be able to discuss topics in a safe and pleasant environment. These rules and guidelines are designed to enhance your user experience.

    This is NOT a support forum. Please use the proper forum sections instead.

    Please refer to the Community Guidelines for site rules.

    General Rules for this forum:
    • No spam / advertising
    • No flaming
    • No offensive content
    • No illegal content
    • No cross-posting
    • Please do not post whilst drunk or otherwise intoxicated
    • Any behaviour deemed disruptive, offensive or off-topic will be moderated at the moderator's discretion.

    Guidelines and Forum Etiquette

    Threads such as the following are not allowed:
    • Threads consisting of little more than banter and retorts between users.
    • Threads talking about a single band. These should be made in the group forum for that band, or a group for that band's genre. If you want to promote your band and/or music, please use the following groups: Unsigned Artists, MySpace or Central Point: where artists and listeners meet.
    • Game threads. These can be found at GD Game Threads
    • Any other threads which are deemed irrelevant.

    • Search the forum for a thread on the topic you want to discuss before posting your new thread. Duplicate threads may be locked without warning.
    • Don't dig up old threads, they have died for a reason!
    • Use common sense. We want to show this website to our Mums.

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    There is now an IRC channel dedicated to offtopic chat:
    Server: irc.audioscrobbler.com
    Channel: #chat
    Please try to keep offtopic chat out of the #audioscrobbler channel.
    To use IRC, you will need to open ports 6667 and 113 on your firewall or router.
    The following instructions are for the IRC client, HydraIRC, which is a free application, and you can get from [url=http://www.hydrairc.com[/url nofollow=yes] for free. If you're not using HydraIRC, there are plenty of other IRC clients, like Trillian, mIRC and GAIM, but the following instructions/set up should be easily transferrable between each other.

    1. Get the HydraIRC client from the site. It can be found here HERE.

    2. Install it and then open it up. Upon opening it click the little icon on the top left that looks like a blue cable with a yellow spark on it.

    3. A dialogue box should pop up in which there'd be a list of servers and a load of fields to the bottom. Fill out the Server value as:
    and leave the password field blank.

    You may or may not be asked to make a profile at this stage. It depends upon prior use of Hydra before or not.

    3b. Fill out the identity box as the per needed, with your name and such forth. To get a nick to become selectable, type it in and hit "Add".

    4. A dialogue box should now appear and in the bottom is a field in which to enter text. This field is used to enter commands or what you wish to say in the room. Dismiss any pop-ups and proceed to enter some text. Wait a while for it to finish connecting to the server until entering the join command.

    In this box enter:
    /join #<ROOM>
    And voila. All should work fine. You should now be able to enter text in the room and it'll appear and be visible to other participants.

    The <ROOM> value should be entered accordingly:
    #chat - This is a not so official social room for random chit chat.
    #audioscrobbler - This room is for support issues/development discussion and should be treated as such.

    e.g /join #audioscrobbler - This will take you to the support room.

    IRC on the web:
    If you like to use Audioscrobbler at work and you're restricted from using IRC, JWIRC is an IRC applet that lets you use IRC in a web browser. To use it, you need to fill in the following fields once it finishes loading:
    NICK: Put the nickname you want to use here
    Channels: #chat
    Your server: irc.audioscrobbler.com
    Then click the Go! button, wait for it to connect and you're all ready to chat!

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    • Dez 17 2010, 5h38
    Remember: If you encounter any issue or problem on the forums, you can contact a forum moderator using private messaging. You are more than welcome to use the PM function for reporting of offensive/rule-breaking posts as well.

    A list of the Last.fm's forum moderators and global moderators:

    If you have any other issue or need different kind of support, you can use our e-mail support feature. But please remember to read the FAQ first!

    Feel free to message me for assistance, reports and misc → [Inbox]
    Last.fmで顧客サポートです。日本語はいいぞ! → [メール]
    For assistance in other languages, please check the list here.
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