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Client UPDATE: iTunes Scrobbling / Lion OS X issues.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jan 30 2012, 2h17

    I have been having problems with scrobbling my japanese songs since the new update.

    Most of my japanese songs written in kanji symbols are now scrobbled with question marks instead. For example:

    it used to show it completely fine but now it shows me it like that. AND the songs aren't corrupted at all they come from a new cd. So yeah I think it's because of the new itunes update. It really frustrates me because most of my songs are written in japanese.

  • Re:apparently, no one is listening...

    klausness said:
    (tap tap tap) Is this thing on? (tap tap tap)

    I've reverted to, due to crashing iTunes after every track when playing a CD. People have been reporting this for over a month now. It'd be nice if we had some sort of response from last.fm staff. I'm not holding my breath...

    Same here: iTunes crashed after every song when playing a cd. Not that I'm used playing a cd so it's no big issue but annoying to find this bug still hasn't been fixed. It does become very annoying when one try a cd after burning one. You're never sure if the cd is faulty unless you try it on another cd player.

    • vash64 disse...
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    • Fev 8 2012, 7h56
    adding my grain of annoyment sand here - exactly the same issue: play a CD, change the track, crash. it's been like this for months now, i don't listen to cd's that often but every now and then i do it. wonder if this will ever be fixed :/

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  • Glad to see I'm not the only one who has been experiencing this for months. I've actually removed Last FM from my home computer, so I only scrobble at work nowadays as I very rarely do anything with CDs there.

    I also haven't renewed my subscription when it expired last week, and have absolutely no intention to subscribe again because I am stunned at how this has been going on for so long with no fix, and got completely ignore by Last.fm. Shame as I have been supporting the site for quite a few years. Not anymore.

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    • wahrulez disse...
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    • Mar 3 2012, 11h03


    grrrlrock said:
    Check this forum. It solved my problem!


    That's what I needed!
    I deleted the file, reopened iTunes and started playing a CD. Last.fm kept scrobbling with no problems and I could jump from a track to another of the CD.

    Jut a quick note: on OSX Lion "User/Library" folder is hidden by default.
    You'll have to type this in Terminal to show it:

    chflags nohidden ~/Library/


    • jeubank disse...
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    • Mar 12 2012, 20h23

    iTunes Crashing w/ CDs

    vash64 said:
    adding my grain of annoyment sand here - exactly the same issue: play a CD, change the track, crash. it's been like this for months now, i don't listen to cd's that often but every now and then i do it. wonder if this will ever be fixed :/

    Like so many people above, I've had the problem with iTunes crashing after playing a track on a CD since early fall. After trying all the various solutions (restarting, reinstalling, etc.) I've finally just deleted the Scrobbler (located in User/Library/Application Support/Last.fm). I'm sorry I had to do this, because it's such a great app, but this just became too frustrating and I was tired of waiting for Last.fm to fix it...

    • pegaudet disse...
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    • Mar 28 2012, 2h51

    SOLVED ???? Mac LION Scrobble issues from iOS devices

    iPod 4th gen, iOS 5.1
    iTunes 10.6
    Mac lion on mac mini
    last.fm scrobbler

    I just banged my shins for the past 3 hours trying to figure this out and I think I found my problem.

    I prefer the iPod touch player over the iscrob app for a number of reasons, so I use that on my iPod. I will then sync my iPod to iTunes and let the scrobbler on the mac pick up the changes and scrobble then when I sync from time to time.

    I had no problems doing this every day for about a week (when I recently switched from windows to mac) until I decided yesterday to restore the iPod due to an issue that cropped up when I started to manage my iPod from the new computer (but I digress.....).

    Today I went to sync my plays from today's playing and I noticed it did not scrobble anything.... It did not even pop up the "scrobbling your iPod device" message when I unplug the device.

    What I think happened was when I did an iPod restore, since I had the option set in iTunes "back up to the cloud" it decided it no longer needed a critical local backup of my iPod and deleted it.

    As soon as I went into iTunes and set the iPod to "backup to this computer" I quickly got it to start working again (took a couple tries of plugging in, syncing, unplugging, playing from iTunes, lather rinse, repeat, but it did smarten up quickly enough and I did not even have to restart iTunes or the scrobbler).

    Took me a while to decipher this log entry that I kept seeing all evening, which finally pointed me to the problem:

    120328 02:06:04 - newFromUsbDevice(91) - L3
    Warning: could not determine information from iPhone / iPod touch backup information
    The presumption is that this device is in automatic sync mode without mobile scrobbler installed

    specifically, the "backup information" part of "could not determine information from iPhone / iPod touch backup information".....

    The scrobbler seems to require an active and probably current iOS device backup in iTunes, otherwise it says "meh, can't deal with your device, I'll just barf now" rather than do the proper thing which is to wait for the device to be unplugged and start the scrobbler anyway:

    Launching `"/Applications/Last.fm.app/Contents/MacOS/../Resources/iPodScrobbler" --device itouch --connection usb --pid <pid> --vid <vid> --serial <serial> &'

    is what it should say in '/Users/<your account>/Library/Logs/Last.fm iTunes Plugin.log'

    Hopefully this will help others.

  • New Client 2.1.16

    If you're encountering problems scrobbling, we recommend trying the new Last.fm Desktop Application here:


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