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Double scrobbling

    • truespin disse...
    • Usuário
    • Fev 27 2009, 11h21

    Double scrobbling

    If I listen to some tracks during the day at work on my MacBook Pro, then sync up my iPhone (to add music on for the journey home), the tracks I've listened to during the day get scrobbled twice..!
    i.e. they've already been scrobbled during the day, and plugging in the iPhone seem to trigger them to get scrobbled again... so and artist I've listened to 12 tracks of displays in my profile as 24 listens - it's throwing all my play-counts out!

    Any thoughts?

    • ecolt disse...
    • Usuário
    • Mar 1 2009, 20h25


    I just had the same thing here. Even though I thought I'd chosen not to scrobble my iPod Touch (and it's never auto-scrobbled on me before) it just scrobbled AND threw all my music for the day out of whack.

    It also threw off my profile vs. my page. My page has double listenings of all the songs I've listened to on my computer today, while the scrobbler's profile has one of each, then randomly shows a couple of TV shows I haven't watched in two weeks!

    I think it's kind of interesting that you have iPhone and MacBook, I have iPod Touch and PowerBook and we're having the same random problem. iPod issue, Mac issue?

  • same here... every song I listen to until the end is scrobbled twice, however, if I only listen to it till the middle or beyond (but not till the end) it's only scrobbled once...

    sucks really...

  • sounds like it has to do with the way last.fm counts if you've listened to music on your iPod -- if the play count changes after you sync (from listening to the iPod) it counts it as a scrobble.

    So some reason it's counting yours as an iPod scrobble when you listen to it all the way through and add to the playcount

    • nur23 disse...
    • Usuário
    • Mar 11 2009, 19h58

    solution double scrobbles

    hey there! i just found the solution to this problem, i had the same problem with my synced 2nd generation ipod nano and my macbook.

    i just tried it several times today, and it worked:

    all you need to do, is to QUIT LASTFM.APP or any other scrobbler, when listening to itunes. when you leave home, just use your ipod as normal and when you get back home, plug your ipod into your computer and sync it. don't forget to START LASTFM.APP! when you eject your ipod and lastfm.app detects your scrobbles, it scrobbles the songs you listened to in itunes as well as the songs you played on your ipod!

    this also works if you play songs in itunes that are NOT synced to your ipod, i tried this as well!

    good scrobbles!

    • CsemTam disse...
    • Usuário
    • Abr 21 2009, 10h00
    OK, yesterday tracks played on my ipod got scrobbled twice, and when I tried to delete one play of a double scrobbled track from my playlist both disappeared. Very annoying.
    This morning scrobbled ipod on a different computer that I had last.fm set up on and even though I always have "always confirm scrobbles" turned on for some reason it was now unchecked and hundreds of tracks I had already scrobbled got scrobbled again. And again, I cannot delete double scrobbled tracks as then both plays disappear. In case of scrobbling a track twice before I could always delete one play but this doesn't seem to work at the moment.

    When you're racing in the rapids, there's only one way, that's to ride
  • i used to think i had this problem, which only occurred after i hadn't synced my ipod in a while, until I realized something...the plays tab on the "scrobble manager" on the Last.fm app showed that I listened to so-and-so song a number of times.

    the thing is, the app does NOT put these songs where they are supposed to go (June 4, May 3, whatever date you listened next), it groups them all together where you last played it, which is why I saw 3-4 songs grouped together on the web site.

    now the double scrobble you guys speak of has happened to me before as well, but I'm just telling you guys this in case this is a solution to your problem.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
    • Usuário
    • Jun 27 2009, 16h50

    I started using the Last.fm scrobbler because it seemed a little bit more straightforward than iScrobbler on OS X ...

    ... this double-scrobbling nonsense will send me right back. I thought nur23 was on to something with the quitting/restarting thing, but no: it seems totally random.

    To be honest, this whole Last.fm business is getting a little irritating now and I'm really wondering why I bother :(

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
    • Usuário
    • Jun 27 2009, 17h03
    (And the fact there are myriad posts dotted round here with the same problem, dating back months, suggests I'm wasting my time hoping for someone at Last.fm to care. Ach, sod it: I've got better things to do with my time than this. Goodbye!)

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