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Songs jumping to the next one without finishing

  • Songs jumping to the next one without finishing

    Hey people,

    I am using the official Linux client right now (Ubuntu 12.04).
    The songs stop playing before they are finished and jumo to the next track in the radio.

    I have never noticed this behaviour before, neither in Ubuntu nor on my Mac.

    It''s extremely annoyiing.

    THX for the feedback

    Come come to the Sabbath, down by the ruined bridge...
  • Do you maybe have a radio running somewhere else (eg on the website) simultaneously?
    Try to log out and in again and then start the radio again.

  • Quite the same problem on Mac Os 10.7.4, Last.fm app 2.1.19. Every song stops after ~5mins of playing, waits for 10-20secs and turns to the next. Really annoying. Repeats in case of any system conditions, even on the "just restarted machine". No other sound software is running.
    Could you help me?

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