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FLAC support and scrobbling ...?

  • FLAC support and scrobbling ...?

    Hi, are there any iPod alternatives that can do both play FLAC and OGG _and_ scrobble to Last.FM? I have an iPod nano 5g because of the Last.fm support, but I hate how you can't use ogg or flac files.

    I do not want a smartphone.

  • If you have the intention of playing lossless files from your iPod to scrobble them and a player for a PC... I don't think there's that. You can scrobble FLAC files from your computer using Foobar, and I believe there is a plugin that allows iPod syncing, but I don't think the iPod itself can play either OGG or FLAC.

    BUT, I have a nice workaround for you. There's this other lossless Codec called ALAC. Apple is Apple's Lossless codec. It's even open source now, and most Apple products cant play ALAC just fine (so can iTunes). So if you go with ALAC, you will be able to sync lossless files in your iPod and scrobble them to Last.fm.

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  • Songbird for PC, don't know about the mp3 player, unless Songbird releases an app for ipod touch/iphone.

    Songbird also has a browser and scrobbler built into it.

    • Skiye disse...
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    • Mai 13 2012, 1h09
    vlc media player on pc...here is an article clipping i found though -
    "Neither iTunes nor any Apple hardware natively supports FLAC files, but there are apps that can let you listen to FLAC files on your iOS device: Dan Leehr’s $10 FLAC Player, and FastIntelligence’s Golden Ear (currently $6 at its introductory price of 40 percent off). Both are universal apps that run natively on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch."
    keep in mind that a flac file takes up a lot more space than a mp3 or the like, so putting flacs on a 4gb nano or something wouldnt get you much play time...but excellent quality. :)

  • I was actually looking for something _like_ an iPod, and not for a PC software (I know all of them) or an app. Like Microsoft Zune or something. :)
    ... in really hope there are some companies who still produce these things, because I really don't want to buy a smartphone for my music.

  • Foobar2000 is my preference. Cowon devices for portable media players(I have a S9, J3 and X7). Don't know if Cowons scrobble nor do I care.

    • IDMuziq disse...
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    • Jul 28 2012, 21h18
    It used to work fine for me in both WinAmp and WMP. I don't run WinAmp anymore since it was crashing too often and WMP won't scrobble FLAC anymore, only mp3.

    I tried adding WMPTagPlus along with mad Flac and still no success.

    After trying all that, I decided to install latest stable version of Foobar2000 and using the Last.fm Foobar2000 0.9.4, then browsed to select my Foobar2000 v1.1.13, it finally worked!

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