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sound card busy

  • sound card busy

    Hello there,

    There is already an update that fixes the problem with "sound card busy" error with Scrobbler on Windows 7 or something?

    I can not stand always having to perform the same procedure described in http://www.lastfm.com.br/forum/34905/_/605040 at "Sound card error with Windows 7" topic.

    How long do we have to wait for a similar solution?

    thx for any help,


  • What do you mean "always" having to perform the "same procedure"? Once you unpinned the scrobbler from the taskbar it should've worked fine?

    But anyway: try the new Beta client version, that definitely doesn't have that bug anymore. :)

  • Every time I started the scrobbler, was the same error "sound card busy" and had to restart the application to work. But now it seems that this new version fixed this problem entirely. Included is much better. Never thought I'd have an answer as quickly and efficiently as this. Congratulations for the great service once again and thank you so much.

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