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Cannot listen to same song multiple times in a row

  • Cannot listen to same song multiple times in a row

    Starting today I noticed that if I listen to the same song more than once that it is not submitted to Last.fm. For instance, I listen to a song and it shows on my last.fm site. I go to lunch and maybe an hour or two later I play that song again (first song played). Now my charts no longer show the song I played one hour ago and just show the last song I listened to. I thought it may be my player so I unistalled everything ( I was using jscrob) and downloaded/installed the new app. The same thing is happening and now I get the lovely spam message as well.

    Any ideas?


    • Wingus disse...
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    • Out 13 2006, 1h12



    Editado por hjbardenhagen em Jan 3 2011, 13h23
  • this is a known issue and will be fixed as soon as possible...

    more on this:

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