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Jazz and classical

    • jpegge disse...
    • Usuário
    • Mai 2 2012, 23h45

    Jazz and classical

    A lot of jazz, classical and non-contemporary artists have a lot of different artist names. For example Charlie Parker is separate to Charlie Parker Quartet. This means when I listen to Charlie Parker lots of tracks are scrobbled under different artist names. I think it would be a good idea to somehow update the metadata for artists like this so all tracks are credited to one source. There would have to be some kind of convention on naming. You could change all the John Coltrane Quartets and Charlie Parker Quartets and other names like this into just the name of the band leader.
    Also with classical music, there are often long lists of artists which get very messy. Each track may be credited to the soloist, conductor, orchestra and composer! Maybe there could be a separate field for composer and artists and some way to have a track credited to the pages for conductor, orchestra and soloist as artists separately.

    • DoctorT disse...
    • Usuário
    • Mai 4 2012, 0h52
    Actually, there are ID3 tags defined for all you ask and more. There are two problems. Very few music players support more than between 6 to 12 or so of those tags. Secondly, and more importantly, Last.fm only supports three tags: Artist, Title, and Album. To add Composer, Album Artist, or any of the other ID3 tags would require a major rewriting of the Last.fm database and web site.

    Even if they went through that major redo, it would only affect data submitted after the redo, For example, in 2005 they added a date and time stamp to scrobbles so now you can go and see when you listened to a given track. However, tracks scrobbled before the change have no date and time stamps.

    There is a third problem, and that is even if music players supported more of the defined tags and even if Last.fm had a major redo to accept more tags, that would not insure consistency or accuracy of how tracks are tagged by users, meaning inconsistencies and inaccuracies being introduced into the Last.fm database as is the case now.

    Music, like language, is universal.
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