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April 17th site update

  • April 17th site update

    Hi there,

    Today we released a new version of Last.fm. Since we are working on other things in the background, the visible part of this release is pretty small:

    - We released a new beta of our client. You can have download it here.
    - We fixed a problem with one of our web services: The API call user.getRecentStation used to time out when there was at least one multiuser station in the list.
    - There have been problems with creating, editing and uploading images to playlists. We gave the feature some more bugfixing love and resolved those problems.
    - We removed the “browse people” page since it was both a bit creepy and broken. If you want to find your friends here on Last.fm you can use the friend finder instead or if you’re looking for users with similar music taste have a look at your neighbours.

    That’s today’s release; the next one is already on it’s way. Have a nice day and enjoy your music.

    • dankine disse...
    • Usuário
    • Abr 18 2012, 14h01
    is there a changelog for the most recent client release?

    • snyde1 disse...
    • Assinante
    • Abr 18 2012, 22h26
    What is the version number of the new client? 2.1.17 (on site) was pushed out a while ago, wasn't it?

    Thanks for the playlist fix!

    Improve your view of Last.fm - add some User Scripts.
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    • rwitte disse...
    • Usuário
    • Abr 20 2012, 18h35
    As usual, many thanks, even though I don't keep up with updates as assiduously as I once did :)

  • dankine said:
    is there a changelog for the most recent client release?

    Can now set the language - the app itself isn't translated yet, but this affects artist bios, etc
    Scrobbles list rewritten and improved
    Corrections asterisk with hover over now shown
    Displays if the scrobble is cached and yet to be submitted
    Displays if their was an error when submitting the scrobble - i.e. bad metadata
    Profile, Friends, and Radio tab design improvements
    Bug fixes
    Always start on the scrobble list when switching to that tab, not the previous track info view
    Less calls made to track.getInfo
    If app is closed to tray and notifications turned off, the only web services called are for scrobbling

    • dankine disse...
    • Usuário
    • Abr 29 2012, 13h19
    where'd you get those?

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