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  • Hey There, my scrobbler seems to have stopped sending "Now Playing" details to Messenger. Any thoughts? (I'm on a 64bit OS, so I wonder if that might be it?)

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Ago 20 2008, 19h11
    Thanks for the plugin!

  • thank you

    • squipso disse...
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    • Jan 22 2009, 4h59
    works great. thank you so much!

  • Works great man! Thanks! Found no problems on Win XP SP3.

    Any plans on further development?

    • Salgon disse...
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    • Mar 22 2009, 17h31

    works with DE

    it works with napster DE / Windows XP SP3 AND Vista SP1

  • Still working!

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    • Nitestik disse...
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    • Mai 27 2009, 21h54
    Now that Napster has foreclosed the option to temporarily download and listen on WMP et al., this plug-in is an absolute necessity for those who want to use Napster and continue to scrobble. Thank you!

  • Great bit of stuff!

    I just got a new walkman with a 3 month Napster to Go Trial. I'm currently running the 64bit Windows 7 Release Candidate and this works well.

    I'm glad there are clever people out there creating this stuff! :)

  • Working on Windows 7 x64 as above lovely. The only thing I have found is that the icon stays red no matter what the outcome. Not urgent but just an observation.

    • spivster disse...
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    • Nov 13 2009, 14h49


    Works beautifully in Windows 7. Thanks for this!

  • Dude, you are awesome! Seriously. Thank you so much.

  • I just remembered, that I made a few changes to the scrobbler nearly a year ago when I was using Napster more frequently. I wanted to be able to fix the stupid Napster tags since I hate stuff like [Live (Tokyo)] in my track tags. It's surely not the best solution but since Napster will not change their tag policy in the near future, this fix was the simplest solution and it does the job for me.

    - added a new option 'use tag replacement table'
    - added a small editor to add/sort/delete regex patterns, patterns are applied in order

    Stuff like char translations etc. is not supported and it's a fairly simple editor, but it does the trick. The 1/0/0 in the pattern names is just an indicator for me to show which tags will be affected since I was to lazy to make a multi column list or something more comfortable.

    If you're interested you can get the patched version from here: binary, src

    I don't intend to make further changes or fix stuff, at least not until I run into problems with it myself, since I don't have much time atm and I use Napster not nearly as often as I used to. I just wanted to post this version here since there might be some people out there who share my discontent towards this tag stuff and know how to use regular expressions.

    In my current configuration I added the following two patterns to remove strange 'parenthesis in parenthesis' stuff from track titles:
    (X (Y)) -> (X Y) 1/0/0: \(([^(]*) \(([^)]*)\)\s*\) -> ($1 $2)
    ((X) Y) -> (X Y) 1/0/0: \(\(([^)]*)\) ([^)]*)\) -> ($1 $2)

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    • Simmy78 disse...
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    • Dez 5 2009, 21h20
    Hey, does this scrobbler import napster play history or just scrobble the current track? I've checked it out and can't see any option to import this data?

    Cheers for any assistance.

    • asd951 disse...
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    • Dez 23 2009, 9h24



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    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Dez 31 2009, 23h27


    Thanks - the NapsterScrobbler works very well.

    • MaaRek69 disse...
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    • Jan 1 2010, 9h03
    Thank you very much

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    • MrFinsch disse...
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    • Jan 25 2010, 19h37

    I really like this tool, thanks for writing it. I am using it for over a year now, have it installed on 4 PCs, running Vista, XP and Windows 7. Works perfect.

  • Woot Woot!

    This is a great tool. I'm currently using it with Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit) and it works splendiferously. LOVE IT! Thank you. thanyouthankyou!

  • I have used it for about 3 months now, works fine after a few teething problems. I use Windows Xp (SP3). Napster version (GB).

    Good job.

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