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Journal Artist tags not rendering as Connections

  • Journal Artist tags not rendering as Connections

    The artist tags in my recent post haven't rendered as connections.
    They HAVE rendered as artist tags (ie, links to artists), but when I'm looking at the entry in edit mode, it still tells me I don't have any connections.

    Also, there's no connections widget on the side of the journal.

    I noticed as soon as I put the first artist tag that it didn't pick up the connection on the right of the editing window.


    • antiphon disse...
    • Usuário
    • Jan 11 2006, 22h06
    Er. Why do your links have a dot after the last.fm? Might have something to do with it.

  • Interesting point... no idea where that would come from.
    I tried it now from home, noticed no dot, still no connections.
    Clicked EDIT and bam, it loaded all the artist tags.

    Thanks for noticing that!

    I wonder where that dot came from... ???

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