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Auto-corrections (artist and track name moderations)

  • Auto-corrections (artist and track name moderations)

    Since Thursday, 29 January 2009 we have a new artist and track spelling auto-correction system in place. Read more on the blog.

    Please read all the details listed here before posting new threads or comments about auto-corrections on the forums.

    ---Updated 29 April 2009

    A new set of auto-correction mappings has been imported now which should fix a lot of the problems you were seeing during the first week. Read more.

    What is this all about?
    As part of a bigger project to organise our music catalogue better, Last.fm can now automatically corrects common misspellings of artist and track names for you. This happens based on fingerprinting and previous user votings.

    Read all the details on the blog, but in a nutshell:

    • Names of artists and tracks now get auto-corrected on the site if Last.fm thinks they're misspelt
    • Pages for incorrectly spelt names redirect to the correct versions
    • You can give your feedback on these corrections on all artist and track pages
    • Auto-correctected artists and tracks and their plays have been added together in your Library
    • It tells you when one of your Recently Listened Tracks has been auto-corrected
    • You can turn auto-corrections off completely if you don't like them at all
    • ...but to help improve the system, you should give your feedback as described below!
    • The guidelines for correcting artists and tracks can be found here

    I've seen something that's not right, how can I report it?
    There are "Flag this" or "Suggest a correction" options on all artist or track pages, please use these to give your feedback on incorrect corrections or new suggestions. Read more in the FAQ.

    I've seen some other weird things I think are related to this... are there known bugs?
    Check our Known Issues:

    Fewer artists in your Library? Increased play counts? Artist/track names that have suddenly changed?
    There's now a new correction system for artist and track names in place; you may see the following things:
    • The overall count of artists in your Library has been reduced, that's because some artists and their plays got merged in your Library
    • The names of some artists or tracks you scrobble change in your Recently Listened Tracks/in your Library
    • The play counts of such corrected artists/tracks in your Library have increased
    Read more in the feedback forum or on the blog. (You can report corrections you think are wrong or change the correction setting if you can't live with it here. Read more in the FAQ.)

    Auto-corrected tracks can't be deleted from Recently Listened Tracks
    • You can remove them if you disable auto-corrections of artist and track names in your website settings.

    Auto-corrected items can't be un-tagged or un-banned
    • You should be able to un-tag or un-ban them if you disable auto-corrections of artist and track names in your website settings.

    Unknown artists with no plays in one's Library that can't be deleted
    • Strange, unknown artists with no plays may appear in your Library that you currently can't remove from there.

    Auto-corrected items can't be removed from one's Library
    • This is currently not working, but the items you're trying to remove be back with the next page refresh. You you should be able to remove these artists/tracks from your Library by turning the auto-correction option off.
    Other questions...
    • Why are artists/tracks not getting merged at the moment, but there are just re-directions? During this phase no merging of artist/track pages is happening yet, before this happens you can give more feedback on the new auto-corrections. (How? See above.)
    • What happened to the old merged artist pages? Merges from the old moderation system were undone to make this new system work, which means for now these pages aren't merged but just auto-corrected like the others; if there's no correction yet, suggest one.
    • Auto-corrections are not displayed in the Scrobbler yet, are they? No, unfortunately they aren't at the moment; if you play an incorrectly tagged artist or track, it won't show the auto-corrected names, but the names as you have tagged them.
    • I've made a suggestion, but nothing's been changed yet? There are no instant changes; generally auto-correction updates occur on a weekly basis, which is when you may see a change based on your feedback.
    • The correction voting/suggestion dialog isn't working properly for me in Safari/Chrome? Indeed, this is a known issue with these browsers.
    • Is all this available for albums as well? Not at this time, album meta-data correction is one of the upcoming steps of this project.
    • Can I see anywhere else if a track/artist has been auto-corrected, e.g. in my Library? Not at this time, it currently tells you this for your Recently Listened Tracks only. You can check the corrected artist and track names in your Library now, see this related post.
    • But I do want to post my comments on all this somewhere! There's an open feedback thread here, you can also comment on the blog posting. Please do not open new threads about the same things, these will get closed.
    • What are the guidelines for correcting artists and tracks? You can read about and discuss them in this thread.

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