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changing band name

  • changing band name

    could you please change the band name of

    to http://www.last.fm/music/Saved+By+The+Fortune

    I´m pretty sure I entered the correct capital B and capital T in the name while registering the band. However it somehow stayed same as the fan-made page.

    I know this is really just a detail but it´s really important for us :)

    I Think we are all suffering from same metaphysical crysis
  • The generated band profile gets its information from "Scrobbled" data in your music tracks. So, it is sort of a combination, a fan played your music, while Scrobbling to LastFM and the Scrobbler generated a profile page, by using the internal data in your music.

    Is it possible, one or more of your songs properties have this same error in them?

    I downloaded "Shipwreck On A Skyscraper" and yes; The tracks internal data is set as Saved by a Fortune (with the lower case letters). This will continue to generate data to the same name form on LastFM.

    LastFM Auto Correction maybe? That may solve it, but I am not an expert on this.

    You will continue to have this issue with other sites and program/utilities, etc., as things such as data tracking software, also use this internal property to track stats.

  • Re: changing band name

    According to the Musicbrainz style guidelines, "Saved by the Fortune" would be the correct capitalisation for this artist's name.

    However, if the band name uses the capitalisation of "By" and "The" intentionally, I can easily fix it to that for you.

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  • Re: Re: changing band name

    Thanks for answers.
    As I added ID3tag to the records they are all named with capitals so I´m not sure why this occured.
    We´d really apreciate if you would be so kind and change it to "By" and "The" since it is really intention :)

    I Think we are all suffering from same metaphysical crysis
  • Okay, i've fixed that for you.

  • Thank you very very much kind sir :)

    I Think we are all suffering from same metaphysical crysis
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