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Strange little clip with multiple names. Bug?

  • Strange little clip with multiple names. Bug?

    Today I wanted some silly, sugary dance to exercise to, so I decided to try out Caramell's artist radio, which I'd never tried before. After a little while, I noticed something kind of odd going on. I want to know what's up; if it's a known issue or something horribly obvious to anyone who knows the genre, I'm sorry for wasting your time.

    I kept hearing a short clip of sound (two or three seconds, tops) which I thought was an advert at first. In fact, it seems to be a song. It starts with an electronic twiddly sound, then has a descending sequence of four notes, then finishes.

    If that was the end of it, I wouldn't complain -- artists are perfectly free to record short songs if they like -- but it gets stranger. This little snap of sound actually seems to be registered as lots of different songs, by lots of different artists.

    I haven't been able to catch most of the names (some are in foreign scripts), but the track art that hangs around for a split second after the clip suggests they have to do with Japanese anime or video games. One I *did* manage to catch, and pause to note down, before the track changed was "Hare hare yukai (Susumiya haruhi no yuutsu remix)". Another was by an artist called YURiE.

    I wouldn't normally interfere with a genre I know nothing about, but lots of songs being the same track, to the point where it can be played twice in a row, seems like a bug to me. Or is there some other explanation? Could it be my computer?

  • I've just removed ALOT of 1/2 second recordings related to a label. We're going to investigate, however that station should be much improved.

  • It is indeed sounding a lot better ^_^ Thank you!

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