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Privacy Controls for Recent Activity does not work

  • Privacy Controls for Recent Activity does not work

    No matter what I set my privacy level to under Recent Activity, I can still see everything on my profile when logged out. I made sure to check another browser in case it was a cookie issue.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
    • Usuário
    • Mai 20 2012, 6h51
    You will see your recent activity, but depending on what you
    set your privacy settings to (friends only), (friends and neighbours)
    (nobody), whoever you have blocked from seeing your recent activity
    will not see it.

    Here are some FAQ's on User Account Management, hope they
    are of some help. :-)

  • Thanks, mugshot_tim, but I know that's how it's SUPPOSE to work. But that's not how it is working now. I've tried each setting, logged out, checked my profile, and can still see everything.

  • PS - I tested it using another account. I didn't want to post with that one here for obvious reasons - I want that one to be private. :-)

  • *bump*

  • Please check your PM's, i've just sent you a message.

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