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76 min. track not scrobbling

  • 76 min. track not scrobbling

    Sorry if this is a known issue, but a quick search of the FAQ and forums didn't turn up anything...

    I've got a "continuous mix" of an album that runs 76 min. plus. It's included with the "normal" breakout of tracks in the iTunes album download. The album is Fahrenheit Project Part Seven; and the track is named "Fahrenheit Project Part 7 (continuous mix)". Doh!

    I've played it a couple of times. The plays show in iTunes, but not on Last.fm.

    I vaguely remember a thread about classical tracks that exceeded some maximum time length for scrobbling. Or maybe not. Thought maybe I'd run up against this limit. The weird thing is, the track does have a Last.fm page:
    ...and a few people have added the track to playlists, though it shows no listeners and no scrobbles!?

    ...so is there a time limit on track length?

    • dankine disse...
    • Usuário
    • Mai 15 2012, 0h11

    is it tagged properly?
    is it in your cache?

  • Not tagged by me. Cache?

    Just submitted it again, along with the rest of the day's iPod plays. Last.fm scrobbler listed it to be scrobbled, but it didn't make it to the website.

    • snyde1 disse...
    • Assinante
    • Mai 15 2012, 3h06
    The band name "Various Artists" is one of the forbidden names. That could be why it's not scrobbling, though apparently some people have done it.

    Improve your view of Last.fm - add some User Scripts.
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  • Thanks for the pointer. It would be messy. "Various Artists" as a group, I mean. Should have been obvious. LOL.

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