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How do you put gifs on sidebar?

  • How do you put gifs on sidebar?

    Please help.

  • You mean on your "About Me" Section? It's the only sidebar I can think of.
    Just like with any other image, upload the picture somewhere (I use http://www.tinypic.com) and copy and paste the link enclosed in tags in your profile.

  • What do you enclose it on though. Is it [gifs] or still

  • Just use the normal [ img] tags :)

  • Sorry, Last.fm ate my incomplete "img" tags when I posted.

    [ img ]link_to_your_image[ /img ]
    (Threre's no space between the brackets enclosing img).

    Editado por NightVermillion em Mai 13 2012, 17h29
  • Ok I got thanks.

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