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Double entry after a redirection.

  • Double entry after a redirection.


    Az ősanya szól ivadékaihoz and Az Ősanya szól ivadékaihoz. I asked for a redirection recently, it was set, but charts are not merged somehow.

    I don't know if it's gone with time, so I'm asking here.

  • Persists.

  • Possibly some bad information has been cached somewhere. It may disappear over time.

  • Persists after a week.

  • Persists after I deleted the "redirected" entry and restored it.

  • Persists after 2 weeks.

  • Persists after I turned off auto-correction in my profile and turned on again. It seems like I have 37 scrobbles of "Az Osanya Szol Ivadekaihoz" being redirected to "Az Ősanya szól ivadékaihoz", which is redirected to correct "Az ősanya szól ivadékaihoz". Uploaded audio file may have something to it.

  • I'm bored so I'm recalling the problem.

  • Persists after 1,5 month.

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