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Scrobbling issue for John Wesley Harding by Bob Dylan

  • Scrobbling issue for John Wesley Harding by Bob Dylan

    I'm getting a weird thing when I scrobble Bob Dylan's 'John Wesley Harding' album, where it seems to scrobble as 'Bob Dylan; Hamid Hamilton Camp; The True Brethren' rather than just 'Bob Dylan', despite neither 'Hamid Hamilton Camp' or 'The True Brethren' being part of my tags - this happens both from Spotify and Windows Media Player.

    Two tracks on the album scrobble correctly without any problems. The rest of the tracks scrobble as Bob Dylan plays, but act like a redirect - apart from the absence of a green * beside them in the recent tracks section - as when I'm in my Bob Dylan library, the number of plays beside the album at the top will be much lower than what you see below, and you click on the album title beside most of the songs it will take you to their plays in the 'Bob Dylan; Hamid Hamilton Camp; The True Brethren' library, as if the tracks were being redirected from that artist name, even though they aren't. The two tracks that scrobble properly, 'All Along The Watchtower' and 'I'll Be Your Baby Tonight' happen to be the two tracks from the album that I have on a Best Of compilation that I have scrobbled them from several times in the past.

    Anyone ever seen anything like this before or have the same problem? Looks like some very weird little bug.

  • We can't fix this until we can do album corrections. Your scrobbles will be associated with the misspelt albums in your library until this is possible.

  • No problem. Just a bit confused as to why it's actually happening in the first place. But thanks anyway!

  • Actually yeah, while obviously you won't be able to fix the existing scrobbles, which is fine. is there any way at all to prevent it from continuing to scrobble that way? From looking at the album in someone else's library, it seems like this problem didn't always exist but started happening for them around 2009.

  • Here's the incorrect artist page, by the way: Bob Dylan; Hamid Hamilton Camp; The True Brethren

    And the incorrect album page: John Wesley Harding

    Like I say, it's acting like some kind of redirect even though it's not - almost as if it's redirecting from Bob Dylan to the incorrect artist, to then be redirected from the incorrect artist back to Bob Dylan. But without any green asterisks beside your plays to indicate it's being redirected.

  • If your tags are correct on your music files, you should not get this problem. It scrobbled correctly for me.

    However, if you are using another service like Spotify, we don't get the album metadata so the bug may be that our DB is using the wrong fallback album, or worse, that Spotify is giving us terrible metadata. We're currently looking into this issue.

  • The first time I listened was on Spotify, but since then I've been using Windows Media Player. Clicking round your Dylan library a bit, I'm actually seeing the same problem that I'm getting:

    The album isn't showing for me in your
    Bob Dylan library.

    Instead, when I click on the album title, it's showing your plays here.

  • Problem with scrobbling as well.

    I noticed that although my profile shows what I'm listening to right now, when each song's over it disappears and only shows what I've heard since yesterday and it doesn't count all the songs I've listened to since yesterday :S What can I do?

  • Just noticed it appears to be fixed, thanks guys!

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