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ANNOUNCEMENT: Site Outage 20 October 2011

  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Site Outage 20 October 2011

    Site Outage 20 Oct 2011

    Yesterday evening, at around 6.47 pm London time, Last.fm suffered a site-wide outage after serious hardware failure.

    While we were able to restore service relatively quickly, around eight hours of data has been lost. This includes profile information, event data and new registrations.

    We are working hard to try and recover as much of the data as possible, and are extremely sorry about the disruption.

    Under normal conditions this outage would have lasted a couple of minutes, but as it occurred during planned maintenance work our primary backup was unavailable. This meant we had to revert to our secondary backup which is updated at intervals. This is why we are currently missing around eight hours of user data.

    As we restore service to Last.fm we'll be examining the databases very carefully to see if we can restore the missing data. We'd also like to note that while we initially reported that scrobbles had been affected we now know that not to have been the case, however some tracks may not be displaying correctly on profiles.

    Again, we're extremely sorry about the loss of data and the service disruption, and we'll be working as hard as we can to get everything back to normal quickly.

    List of issues you may currently be experiencing:

    • Any new user profiles between 11am and 7pm 20 Oct 2011 may no longer exist.
    • Mixed up posts on the forums (when you post a new message) (Some posts from 20 Oct 2011may still be mixed up)
    • Problems posting new shouts, or deleting shouts
    • Messages in your Sent Items from today that appear to be from other users
    • Lost private messages from 20 Oct 2011
    • A change in your subscription status
    • An error when you try to clear your listening data
    • Shouts from 20 Oct 2011 that cannot be deleted from your shoutboxes
    • Some users have reported errors ("blue pages") on their profiles

    Please contact our support team who will be able to assist you with any subscription issues. Be sure to include your Paypal transaction ID when contacting support.

    NB: If you have received an email stating that your recurring subscription has been cancelled or expired, please first double-check the status of your subscription in your PayPal account before writing to Last.fm support.

    Please note that we are receiving a large volume of queries related to subscriptions and it may take up to 48 hours for us to get back to you otherwise. Checking your subscription settings in PayPal first will ensure that you get the fastest and most effective response possible.

    Thank you.

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  • System Issues

    I now have playlists on my profile that I did not create. They are clearly attached to another person's profile. Is this also a proble from the failure and How do I detach them from my profile?? Thanks.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Out 21 2011, 12h41

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  • Hi,

    Until we work this out, please do not delete or change anything on your profile.

    We are in the process of reversing / correcting the mistakes caused by this issue as best we can, but for the time being, can you please bear with us until we get a fuller grasp of the issues created by this problem. It would help immensely if you could report any problems / issues with your account here, so we can investigate.

    Many thanks, and once again, we extremely sorry about all this.

  • Thanks

    Thank you Last.FM for getting all this fixed! I hope all is well on the backend!

    During the music break I went outside, lol! J/k!

  • My private messages are messed up again. I used them yesterday but now the new ones aren't there anymore.

    Thanks for all your hard-work last.fm!

  • its okay, keep up the good work! I'd rather loose eight hours than all the wonderful music on here :)

    obladi oblada
  • Shit Happens

    Sorry you folks had problems. We don't live in a perfect world and man doesn't create anything perfect. I've been into and more or less working on all different platfoms of software and hardware since 1973. That being said; I think you did an admirable job to have done what you did in the time frame given. Was it on site hardware failure or software? What are you running for software and if that was it was it cross scripting or an add on; update that didn't do as supposed to? Never mind. I ask to many stupid questions without knowing a damn thing. Oh well I can't help myself; was it a hardware failure relating to heat? Anyway you guys did good and thank you for your service. All of you provide a great service!!!!!

    Steven A. Keene
    • mtw900 disse...
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    • Out 21 2011, 13h44
    lol last.fm sucks.

  • fixed


    I noticed the forums had gone totally dada but I seem to have experienced a similar thing with songs:

    A song I have tagged as Art Tatum - Someone To Watch Over Me (1954)

    scrobbled as

    Unsportsmanlike Conduct – Oct 19 Seg 2: ESPN's Tom Luginbill

    during the site outage

    and now the scrobbler always reads the song as "Oct 19 Seg 2: ESPN's Tom Luginbill", though now it scrobbles it as by Tatum.

    I tried it with tagging a blank mp3 so it's not the metadata. It seems fine if I remove the (1954) from the title.

    good luck!


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  • Scrobbling

    i have a probelm which is on the the programme it seems that songs are being scrobbled but on the other side my profile on the website doesn't update any...
    what should i do ?
    please help me, i can't believe that i am stuck in this situation

  • Also, apparently a post I made in this forum earlier in the day is missing (/moved somewhere else?!) (http://www.last.fm/forum/21713/_/1015906/1#f16185340 I replied at length to Snyde), my recent activity says I made a post in a deleted thread.

    Weird, it was still there last night as I checked. I guess it's in that 8 hour recovery limbo.

  • It's all good...

    • dazzajim disse...
    • Usuário
    • Out 21 2011, 13h59

    New single links to 2 places but should only be to my page?


    Is somehow linked to:


    But I've no idea how - I suspect this is something to do with the hardware issues?

    Just thought I'd mention it as it's a new upload, and no duplicated text.

  • OMG

    I love Last.fm and don't wanna leave ! plz work on it

    • Censeo disse...
    • Usuário
    • Out 21 2011, 14h19

    I thought I was hacked, lol

    ROFLMAO, this only happened to me. There is probably gonna be loads of new support topics.

    1) Inbox messages deleted
    2) According to my history, I changed the wiki of a band I've never heard of in portuguese, which I don't even speak. Looking at this wiki, it is apparent that I have never done any changes to this wiki.
    3) I've left a shout at a user I've never seen before. There wasn't a shout there, but it could have been deleted of course. But I doubt it.

    Haha, wtf? This is so random! XD

    • LyreCZ disse...
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    • Out 21 2011, 14h32


    my music doesnt scrobble since yesterday evening (22.30 gmt+1 or so), can you sort that out pls?

  • hardware failure

    Greetings, Well, all that happened to me is that I got an email that someone gave me a shout, but it didn't show up on my profile, & I gave a song a shout and it ended up on my profile page, then disappeared. I used to be on Pandora but came over to last.fm recently. It's much, much better than Pandora! Take care!

    • whigstar disse...
    • Usuário
    • Out 21 2011, 14h39
    That sucks really bad but its also good to know. I thought it was just me. make sure yall send a message when u think your all the way up again cuz im not switching to pandora. I just slep one of the lonliest nights since i got out of tha birdhouse. very unpleasant. anyways lets get it together cuz i need my last fm. and my neo soul radio. Holla

  • Is everything alright with Last.fm, the company? It seems the problems keep mounting. Almost like the money spigot has dried up or something.

  • Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Site Outage 20 October 2011

    Since this has happened, I can't scrobble at all (iTunes and Last.fm client).

  • a couple of shout missing, but thats ok now
    thanks for your hard work. good luck

  • спасибо что починили всё бысто (чесс слово не знаю как это на инглиш перевести)
    Thanks)for hard work)

    Whenever I'm alone with you, you make me feel like I am whole again
    Whatever words I say I will always love you.
  • Last.fm Outtage ( 21st October 2011 ).

    Luckily, my page doesn't seem to be affected so far (fingers crossed). Best of luck in repairing everything guys. You all do a wonderful job in maintaining this site and I am always recommending new people to Last.fm. Take care, and once again, good luck.

    Mista Apocalypse (Esquire)
    And The Village Green Preservation Society.

  • Last.fm Outtage ( 21st October 2011 ).

    Every track I scrobble from iTunes reads as "Matti-Johannes Koivu – Maailman Kalliolla," which I've never listened to. Haven't tried Spotify yet. Hope this gets cleared up soon, as I also like last.fm and don't want to leave.

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