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Artist tag weights have changed ?

    • gpgemini disse...
    • Usuário
    • Dez 21 2007, 8h26

    Artist tag weights have changed ?

    I'm starting to get abnormal values for tag weights from the artist tags webservice, instead of weights raging from 0..100, I get values in the thousands, like: 1085, 2500.

    Has the format changed ??

  • Yeah, looks like it. Made the tag-cloud I generate a bit crazy - "font-size: 1800%" isn't particularly usable :D.

    Seems to be a really wide range in values. I guess it's either now the actual number of users that have added the tag, or alternatively it's weighted between something like 0 and 9999.

    • C26000 disse...
    • Usuário
    • Dez 28 2007, 22h53
    I'll like to have an official response about this. Is this a temporal bug or a permanent feature?

    Last.fm Extra Stats assumes that the tags values are between 0-100, so currently it is just producing garbage results, the same may happen with many other stat tools that use the artist tag info.

    Please tell us if you are going to leave it like this so we can update our programs and scripts.

    • Russ disse...
    • Alumni
    • Dez 30 2007, 14h03
    As I mentioned to C26000 last night, this is a temporary change but it'll unfortunately be a few weeks before we get the proper weights back online.

    I recommend you normalise everything against the first value, then any change in the numbers won't affect your app.

  • Thanks for the reply Russ.

    Yep, I've now switched to first checking the max/min before doing anything; not sure why I didn't do that originally.

    Incidentally, thumbs up for hosting a Musicbrainz mirror for the UK, nice one.

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