• Festival Reviews: Soundwave - 27/02/2009

    Mar 9 2009, 11h09 por jarmac

    Soundwave Festival
    Friday 27th of February, 2009 – Melbourne Showgrounds, Melbourne.

    We arrived at the Melbourne Showgrounds a little later than expected, as the car park lines were quite long. Although we entered the venue pretty easy with no queue at all, then making our way to catch the last five minutes of Madina Lake’s set which featured ‘Here I Stand’ and ‘True Love’

    Less Than Jake
    Firstly we sat down in the stands to watch the performance from Less Than Jake. I hadn’t heard any material from the American ska punk band prior to Soundwave, the set was average…although it brought one of the most humorous moments of the festival. The band told the crowd in the moshing area to run around the sound/lighting tent.
    Rating: 5/10

    The Mixed Tape
    Dark Blue
    Holiday From Real
    The Resolution
    La La Lie

    Jack’s Mannequin was one of the acts I was most excited for at Soundwave…
  • Melbourne Soundwave - 27 February 2009

    Mar 3 2009, 3h50 por Cobwebs_

    Fri 27 Feb – Soundwave 09

    Jaguar Love: 8/10. Don't get me wrong, I love Johnny Whitney and I love Jaguar Love but they had recorded drums, hence only the 8. But Johnny got into the crowd and it was pretty amazing and made up for the lack of a drummer. Who wouldn't love that man?

    Minus the Bear: 11/10. In fact, 11 isn't high enough. Best band I have ever seen live. Best band ever really. From memory, they played Dr L'Ling, Throwin' Shapes, Hooray, The Fix, Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse, Thanks for the Killer Game of Crisco Twister, Knights and Pachuca Sunrise. Everything about their performance was perfect. They play better then on their cd's and their energy on stage is amazing. Energetic, yet relaxing. I didn't think it was possible to love this band even more.

    Chiodos: 10/10. It's all in his name. Craig Owens, owns. They played really well despite having trouble setting up the sound for the keys. Craig's voice was 10 times better then what is recorded on cd and he's so funny! His stage persona is fantastic…
  • Soundwave 2009

    Mar 1 2009, 12h36 por Nickpetersen

    Fri 27 Feb – Soundwave 09
    Overall, best day of my entire life!
    Ok i saw a few full sets and a few half - less sets. ill do the full sets first

    Stealing O'neal 7/10, i had heard these guys weren't too good previous to soundwave, got there and saw them, they were decent. Good start to the day IMO
    Madina Lake 10/10, put on an amazing show, fair bit of crowd interaction, great prescense and energy.
    Bloodhoud Gang 10/10, VERY entertaining, great crowd interaction, extremely humerous, a bit harsh on the comment abou the westgate bridge but overal i would definetly see the again.
    The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 6/10, Easily the biggest let down of the day for me, i don't know what it was but not even Face Down could get me into them, they just didnt do it for me
    Underoath 7.5/10, Not a bad show..thats about all i have to say about them
    Lamb Of God 10/10, Never in my life did i expect i would watch a full lamb of god show,but to my suprise they, for lack of a slightly cooler term, knocked my socks off. …
  • Soundwave 09

    Mar 1 2009, 12h13 por neb84

    Fri 27 Feb – Soundwave 09

    House Vs Hurricane
    I only got to see a couple of songs, but they were awesome, glad they were able to play Soundwave

    Less Than Jake
    Pretty good set, fun band, and the circle pit around the sound tent was cool!

    One of my favourite bands of the day! I'm not a huge goldfinger fan, but I love the song "superman", getting in the circle pit for that song was awesome! And the drummer having someone eat a twinkie out of his arse was different!

    I have to say, I like Unearth, but for some reason I couldn't stand watching more than 2 songs. It was hot outside.. but somehow even hotter inside. I went and got a drink instead.

    Face to Face
    I'm a long time listener to face to face, and seeing them live for the first time was awesome. This was the highlight of my day!

    --- Spent hours inbetween these two bands waiting in the merch line. Anyone else who bought merch will know what I'm talking about, it was fricken terrible. …
  • Soundwave 2009

    Fev 28 2009, 9h08 por _obscure

    Fri 27 Feb – Soundwave 09

    The Riverboat Gamblers - 5/10
    I don't know if it was just because they were the first band I saw and I wasn't in the mood yet, but wasn't feeling them. Although the lead singer was very energetic and it was entertaining to watch.

    Ace Enders - 6/10
    Never heard any of his stuff before, he has a really strong voice. Unfortunately some of the acoustic awesomeness was washed out by sound from stage 6 I think it was that was behind it.

    Jack's Mannequin - 9/10
    Amazing. Really enjoyed it, felt that the crowd was jumping out of time and to all the wrong songs but whatever, Andrew was simply amazing. And I was glad he took off his sunglasses, made it feel more personal.

    Forever The Sickest Kids - 8/10
    They were heaps fun, even had some hardcore dancing nuts at some stage. The kind of music you don't take to seriously but just enjoy it.

    Underoath - 7/10
    Disappointing, too much instumental interlude shit. …
  • Soundwave 09 in Melbourne

    Fev 28 2009, 5h58 por jdub_dub

    Yesterday was Soundwave 09 in Melbourne, and it was wicked! Although the heat really pummeled my energy for most of the day. For a few hours I could barely stand for long periods of time, let alone get into crowds and enjoy the music :(. But I saw heaps of bands.

    House vs. Hurricane - wicked metal. so good.
    Bayside - new york-based rock, although the levels started out a bit too high (the guitar was quite piercing).
    All That Remains - metal.
    Goldfinger - unexpectedly better than their single 99 red balloons suggests they are. they are quite a fun punk band.
    The Subways - really unexpectedly wicked, rock pop music.
    Jaguar Love - bizarre and unexpected. a two-piece of guitar and vocals/keyboard, played along to a backing track of electronic drums and basslines. promising, I need to get some :)
    Underoath - metal.
    Poison the Well - metal.
    Dillinger Escape Plan - quite different to what I heard of them last. they are full of energy and weird riffs and ideas. I heard they were wicked up close.

    Fev 27 2009, 11h32 por J__Dizzle

    I just attened Fri 27 Feb – Soundwave 09 WOW, it was AWESOME. First Up was House vs. Hurricane They rocked but I got to see two songs until Silverstein started, They Killed it, I knew a few of their songs but Not Many but they rocked.
    A quick walk to Stage 6 where I saw Bayside , Surprised I didn't like em more than I did, Anthony's Mic kept screwing up, Some Times he was clear but sometimes I could bearly hear him.
    Next up was Forever the Sickest Kids I didn't know them before today but I'm now a fan, They Reminded me of a mix of Cobra Starship and All Time Low.
    Following that was Moneen, Same story as Forever the Sickest Kids but I didn't like em as Much.
    Then the two best Bands BACK 2 BACK, HELLOGOODBYE and THE AUDITION, They both Rocked but The Audition has the Edge because I meet the band afterwards. Hellogoodbye were great, Forest is Awesome and really funny plus they playedBaby, It's Fact.
    The Audition as I said killed it.
  • Soundwave 09 Lineup announced!

    Set 24 2008, 14h08 por jacobbrett