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    This journal post does not contain any reviews!

    Apologies for it appearing in the reviews section of these gigs but I had no idea that last.fm is set up to do that simply because I linked to each gig from this journal post. This post is for my own reference really and it's taken too long to write it out for me to be bothered to take it down or remove the links.


    Paul McCartney, Earls Court, 11 September 1993

    Chas 'n' Dave, The 100 Club, 2006?

    The Miles Hunt Club, Camden Dingwalls, 4 April 2002

    Fleadh Festival 2002
    The Pogues, Cornershop, Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, Gemma Hayes, and The Wonder Stuff
    Finsbury Park, 8 June 2002

    Ani DiFranco, Shepherds Bush Empire, 23 June 2002

    Fun Lovin' Criminals, The London Forum, 30 October 2002

    Badly Drawn Boy, Brixton Academy, 10 December 2002

    Miles Hunt, The Underworld, 20 December 2002

  • I ♥ Live Music

    Mar 5 2009, 3h51 por DangerousSnails

    Primavera Sound 2009:
    Liars - Best band of an amazing weekend. Easily one of my favourite bands in the world so seeing them in Barcelona was always going to be a bit special. So many highlights from an impeccable set. Such good banter too, "we'd like to thank Neil Young for opening for us!" Brilliant.: 5/5

    My Bloody Valentine - What's a word that means better than incredible? That's what MBV were. Being physically moved by You Made Me Realise is one of the greatest moments of live music I've ever experienced.: 5/5

    Yo La Tengo - One of the bands I was most looking forward to, they played such a good set, nice mixture of old and new, Autumn Sweater was the highlight for me, I've been completely obsessed with that song for quite some time now, it was performed to perfection. The new stuff they played sounded great, high hopes for the upcoming album!: 4.5/5

    Sonic Youth - Come on, it's Sonic flippin' Youth for crying out loud…
  • 2008: The Best Bits!

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  • Festival Reviews: T IN THE PARK (11th-13th July, 2008)

    Out 4 2008, 2h57 por jarmac

    Balado, Scotland
    11th-13th of July, 2008


    On Friday the 11th of July my bus arrived to the site of Scotland’s biggest music festival, T in the Park. This was going to be epic, and my first ever UK weekend festival. After an extremely long line, and carrying my bag through it I finally arrived at the entrance of T in the Park. Once my mate, his girlfriend and I found a decent camping spot, we made pitched our tents and could call Scotland home for a few days.

    The T in The Park campsite was much different to any festival campsite I had been before; it had gambling facilities, a few dance tents, carnival rides and stores to buy camping and shopping items.

    Later that day I entered the festival grounds for Day One of T In The Park.

    Los Campesinos! : 18:15-18:35 (King Tut's Tent)
    Watched: 18:15-18:35
    I arrived late due to judging the amount of time it would take to walk to the tent wrong, although I did see the second half of the set from the bright upbeat youngsters from Los Campesinos!. …
  • Bands i've saw live...

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