• High Voltage Festival Review

    Jul 31 2011, 10h56 por samlewis45

    Sat 23 Jul – High Voltage Festival

    I think it's safe to say that High Voltage 2011 was one of the best musical weekends of my life so far! Last year was excellent (see my review of that here on last.fm), but I think this surpassed it despite what many people thought before the festival was an 'inferior bill'. Things like that are always subjective though and this year there was not a time where I wasn't watching music, or waiting eagerly for the next band to come on. Generally, everything at the festival ran smoothly. The security was pretty good and everything seemed to run to time, so we could see as much as humanly possible. However, I do have a gripe, which I shall air now and reference later on where it comes up. The sound on the main stage was often poor to say the least, especially earlier on in the day. Sound was often flat or almost totally missing instruments. Also, when the mix was good, the volume seemed to be constantly changing! While this did not ruin the festival…
  • High Voltage

    Jul 26 2011, 8h23 por tallpaul1

    Sat 23 Jul – High Voltage Festival

    A beautiful day, great music (esp Black Country Communion)