• Positivus '11

    Jul 18 2011, 16h29 por jojoo92

    Fri 15 Jul – Positivus '11

    So this weekend I visited Positivus festival for the first time, which, as the adverts claims, is the biggest that kind of cultural event in Baltic States, and it sure did look that way – there were approximately 20,000 tickets sold and people every-f**kin-where. I have to say that the atmosphere in festival was positive, - and I always thought that everybody sad that just because festival is called like that. But really – everyone was polite, seemed to be filled with happiness and having a damn good time. Some of Latvian performers such as Satellites LV, Gustavo and Dzelzs Vilks really got the crowd going, but festival headliners topped them in that field – crowd was crazy for all the fancy bands like Hurts, James, Editors and Royksopp. Although I’ m not the biggest fan of that specific genre, I quite enjoyed their performances, because it always has been fun for me watching big bands with their sound guys and expensive Rickenbacker (I totally counted 4) or…
  • Way much better this year, Positivus!

    Jul 18 2011, 14h07 por zkBoy

    Fri 15 Jul – Positivus '11

    Same as in previous years in 2011 Positivus was up to uneasy task of finding delicate balance between acts that will attract mass crowds, indie/alternative fans and own sympathy towards acoustic/folk/low-fi. And I have to admit that this was the first time they really managed to get this approach to work. I was surprised to find myself making tough choices between sets on different stages much more often comparing to previous years.

    There're enough raving comments about Hurts and Mark Ronson performances at Positivus on twitter and facebook - definitely not my favorites, but, well, that's the price you have to pay to get attendance figures. At least first ones were easy to replace with brilliant Tunng set on another stage (one of the highlights of this year's festival for me), which as expected was closed by catchy Bullets. Another "hidden gem" of the first day was "me-acoustic guitar-and-pedals" Yoav - well, not really hidden as he was performing on a main stage. …