• Rites of Darkness II...Day 2

    Dez 12 2010, 23h57 por Sakum

    Fri 10 Dec – Rites of Darkness II

    Only got to go to the 2nd day of this awesome thing... this was the first show I've ever been to, and to say it was awesome would be an understatement. The atmosphere was perfect, and the bands were all varying shades of awesome, all killer no filler. I guess I will do this band by band.. let's see..

    Obeisance- I didn't actually SEE these dudes since I was browsing merch outside (I snagged the last Tribulation shirt and a copy of Sigh's latest album..should have brought more monies) but I could p. much hear them from outside anyway. They sounded decent.

    Necroholocaust- A good band I never heard of before. They were pretty cool, I thought it was great that three of their members contributed vocals- the bassist didn't but he was wearing a badass pair of shades, so that's fine. Good stuff.

    HOD- Man, these guys absolutely SLAYED. I think there wasn't a second I wasn't headbanging. "We're HOD and we play fucking metal!" HELL YEAH! Their stage presence was awesome…