Foreigners attending Pinkpop!

  • Foreigners attending Pinkpop!

    So, I'm sure there are lots of people from outside who will attend Pinkpop, especially because it's so near to the borders.

    So non-dutch people, where are you coming from?

    I'm coming from Aachen, it'll be a mini-trip to Pinkpop for me!

  • Well I am Dutch but a foreigner too if you at where the fest is held, coming in from Amsterdam.

  • Me and my boyfriend will attend! Coming all the way from Norway! :D

  • me and 6 my friends are coming from Russia ))

    we are accidents waiting to happen
    • daxdax89 disse...
    • Usuário
    • Mai 25 2011, 2h12


    Coming from Serbia!!!:P

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