• Beauty Magic

    Ago 11 2010, 19h44 por HIPeac3

    Di., 3. Aug. – O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2010
    We have been there , me the first time and maybe one of the Oldies.
    Have been a Hippie for 35 years...lost my way and found you ...young OZORA and
    felt deeply moved ... never continue like I ´ve done....thank you for all the beauty , the individuality and proud to be in magic trance...the sound was the mother sound of all sound.
    Even the rain was no problem....I was proud to be among you all ...young people of Paradise... 364 days and I´ll be there again...maybe this time I´ll meet some people
    cause this time I was for my own impression and danced hours of hours.
    So long ...to you all - a shy but nowa a little younger Oldie in Love & Pace & Trance :)