• Integrity -- Pomona, CA -- May 19, 2012

    Mai 20 2012, 11h17 por treghet

    Sat 19 May – A389 Recordings Scion Label Showcase

    At Scion Rock Fest last year I was really excited about seeing Integrity, but they were unfortunately playing during Morbid Angel, so I passed on the opportunity. I was worried they might not be back here again for years, but I was thinking the same could be possible for Morbid Angel. I was ecstatic when Scion announced they were bringing them back to Southern California for a third time. Needless to say I would not be missing them this time around.

    Since Scion has moved their shows to The Glass House, a much larger venue than The Roxy, the RSVP list didn't fill up, so I wasn't worried about showing up an hour early to get in. I walked inside about a minute before the first band, Young and In the Way. I listened to one of their songs before the show, but otherwise I was unfamiliar with them. From the looks of it they were like any other hardcore band, but their performance proved otherwise. …