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Mar 3

Clorinde + Orchestra Elastique

Com Clorinde e Orchestra Elastique em Servant Jazz Quarters


Sábado 3 de Março de 2012 às 21h00m


Servant Jazz Quarters
10a Bradbury St, London, N16 8JN, United Kingdom

Tel: 0207 682 1642


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Orchestra Elastique
Orchestra Elastique is a London-based music improvisation collective.
Formed during a residency at the Shunt Vaults, London, in April last
year, Orchestra Elastique comprises a group of performers and
multi-instrumentalists which can vary in number depending on the venue and performance in question.

Clorinde is an instrumental avant-folk project composed by multi
instrumentalist Andrea Salvatici, Simone Salvatici and David Harris.
Clorinde have been producing music based on a minimalist approach
towards repetition, melodies, rhythm and sounds, resulting in beautiful
fragile balance between tight cyclic structures and free form


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