• Flaming Lips perform The Soft Bulletin // Alexandra Palace, London // 03.07.2011

    Jul 6 2011, 7h14 por nelsonphillipio

    Fri 1 Jul – The Flaming Lips Performing The Soft Bulletin

    Sometimes I wish I lived in the bustling metropolitan that is London. Friday 3rd of July was most definitely one of those evenings. Having jumped on a train from Hampton Wick as soon as I’d finished doing my bit in the rat race for the week, it took me almost 3 hours to get to Alexandra Palace, by which time I had completely missed Deerhoof playing the album Milkman and Dinosaur Jr. had already got through half of 1988’s classic Bug.

    From what I did get to hear of J Mascis and co, they were kicking out some monstrous noise, with a wall of feedback induced noise washing over the grand hall that is Alexandra Palace. Despite the venues impressive stature, the sludgy, grizzled noise carried brilliantly, and could be heard from the far end of the foyer where we entered.

    Whilst standing around waiting for Flaming Lips to come on and play the amazing Soft Bulletin in it’s entirety, we looked around trying to spot just how much of a show we had in store for us. …