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Set 11

Ripsnorter Autumn Antics

Com andykisaragi, Andy Bayley e 7 outros artistas em Motion


Sábado 11 de Setembro de 2010 às 22h00m


74 Avon Street, St Philips, Bristol, BS2 0PX, United Kingdom

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Roll up! Roll up!

Roll up Rippers for a jamboree of jive-tastic hip-jigglin'. Dig out yer finest festy attire - handlebar moustaches, waistcoats and silly hats are the order of the day... Ripsnorter is bringing the summer to an end with a swing on the Terrace. Get ready for phat kicks carved up with 1930’s retro grooves, body-poppin’ boogie, frilly beats with frolicsome festy vibes. We’re swingin’ electro-styleee. If it’s ‘avinit we play it. And this year’s Sound Of The Summer - electro-swing - is most definitely ‘avinit. Catch it while it’s hot Rippers!

To get you into the swing he're a couple of corkin' mixes; - classic swing by Dr Greenthumb,
and - recorded especially by guest DJ Andy Kisaragi for Ripsnorter.

In the main room Jim Hedges will be warming us up with his bedevilling brand of bumpkin-bounce...then we’re going HARD with a clutch of Ripper faves; Ed Real, Glowbones from Riff-Raff in Leeds, and The Podster. Making his Ripper debut is the Soundcloud sensation and Renov8 DJ Competition Winner DJ Eldy playing flat out, full-on driving floor-fillers incorporating his unique set up of dex ‘n’ efx. Check him out at

Keeping it wonky in The Cave are rising star DJ/producers Eats Everything and Nick the set no2 of the night from Mr Real, and a Ripper debut from Andy Bayley.
Catch the latest juicy remixes from the fat-boy at

Prizes for the best dressed swingers in town!

The shenanigans continue over the road at The Old Fox til you actually want to go home, not a moment sooner.


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