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Jul 8

Live Webcast (Part of the Vamos Festival)

Com Dextro, BalletLORENT e Barbatuques em Culture Lab


Quinta-feira 8 de Julho de 2010 às 22h00m


Culture Lab
Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

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A special live event between Newcastle and São Paulo featuring dance, music and Djs.

Something of an experiment, this event will present live music and dance performances between the Cultura Inglesa venue in São Paulo, Brazil and Culture Lab, Newcastle, UK via internet streaming. Be part of a unique shared happening between two distant locations. Below is a summary of the artists showcased.

Thanks go out to Marina Martins who helped establish the partnership between ¡VAMOS! and Cultura Inglesa.

This solo is extracted from balletLORENT’s successful 2008/09 nationwide tour of Designer Body. A dancer gracefully balances on a revolving plinth, losing fragments of artifice as she turns. After 20 minutes, over 300 spins and a relinquishing of design and disguise, she is revealed in her natural state; unadorned and vulnerable.

Dextro is the alias for Ewan Mackenzie, who under this guise creates dense and symphonic electronic/acoustic compositions that manage to feel both epic and tender. For this event Ewan will perform a live reinterpretation of his recently released ‘Ring Circle’ 12” which features remixes from Alias (Anticon) and The Village Orchestra amongst others.

Barbatuque are a group who blend acapella, rythmical and physical performance creating a unique sound that has undeniable Brazilian roots. There will be an additional performance from Brazil, artists TBC.

DJs will play at both locations with live mixing between the two.


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