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Anime (jap. アニメ – anime) – skrócone angielskie słowo animation (jap. アニメーション animēshon?) oznaczające film animowany. W Japonii terminem tym określa się wszystkie filmy i seriale animowane, bez względu na kraj ich pochodzenia. Poza Japonią słowo anime służy wyłącznie do określenia japońskiej animacji. Istnieje także teoria, że termin anime pochodzi od francuskiego słowa animé (animowany) lub les dessins animés (animowane…

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  • I'm tired of annoying weeaboos misusing this tag.
  • PhnomPencil, professional composers earn their livings from whatever industry will employ them. Your haste to entirely dismiss their work because of that single factor is unbecoming. It reflects naivete to become "very frustrated" when internet statistical popularity doesn't encompass all that is praiseworthy. And the epithet "children's cartoons" is so obviously unjustifiable that it reflects poorly on your credibility as a critic of art in general.
  • cheap chinese pornocartoons for morons [2]
  • Fucking Chinese cartoons [2]
  • Two nukes weren't enough. [4]
  • Two nukes weren't enough. [3]
  • These anime fans who've blown a small part of Japanese culture out of proportion make it tougher for the rest of us... tried making a Spotify playlist from the top artists tagged "Japanese" and realized half of the artists are just soundtrack writers for children's cartoons. Very frustrating.
  • Two nukes weren't enough. [2]
  • anime for the winners, baka.
  • anime is for losers and nerds btw [3]

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