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  • I like 60s pysch pop band from Los Angeles. Cowboys and Indians is great song. However I know there are plenty bands with the same name (That one from London is quite popular too).
  • Еще одна не заслуженно проебаная группа из 60х. Сколько же их было...
  • kids all call him sugar man
  • where is this album download "blood orange"?
  • Outta sight :))
  • Never heard of them till I heard them on here; now I want to hear them some more.
  • my friend Jack eats sugar lumps..
  • Don't Lead Me On
  • 60's smoke are great, but sorta baffling at the same time. when they were on they were right on! not just on "my friend jack", check out "you can't catch me", "high in a room"... great guitar!! just not consistently great songs, but i suppose there's a lot of bands like that... certainly should not be regarded as a one hit wonder tho
  • Why have I never heard of these guys?!

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