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Sugar baby love, sugar baby love
I didn't make to make you blue
Sugar baby love, sugar baby love
I didn't mean to hurt you

Tekst utworu The Rubettes - Sugar Baby Love


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  • I love this song :)
  • war einfach schlimm schön jetzt ganz gern mal hörbar - ald das rauf unt und runter gedutdelt wurde - unertzräglich - wie bei allem, was vom radio "kapott"gespielt wurde und wird
  • Bop Showaddwaddy
  • Fray bentons
  • <<<✶Klasse Song!!✶<<<
  • By about 1973 or so I gave up on pop radio. I don't recall this being played in Canada. Was the timing off, or did it just not get air play?
  • excellent!!!
  • Cant get enough of this song..... #1 in England but topped out in America at 35ish..what were we smoking?
  • Toller Song

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