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  • Awesome!
  • meat for the captain interesting lyrics.
  • Kiss Me feels alot like the work of the great Scottish "folk-punk", Mr Alex Harvey....a very good thing indeed.
  • Soppy but I don't mind this.
  • thank you, nice
  • ¿¿¿Manos de Topo??? Maybe the voice. I think the nearest band are The Bad Seeds.
  • This band remembers me [artist]manos de topo[/artist]
  • I think it might really help you if you spelled 'Sympatiks' with two 'Y's. I very much enjoyed your hymn of praise to Captain Birdseye. He probably should eat more meat. I worry for him, out on that boat, with no meat behind his teeth.
  • It might sounds mysterious, but the begining of "MEAT FOR THE CAPTAIN" is quite boring. I still like it, I already added it to my library ;D
  • Shameless self promotion.

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