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Im not afraid of the black man running
Hes got it right hes got a better life coming
I dont care what the captain said
I fold it right at the top of my head

Tekst utworu Sufjan Stevens - Jacksonville


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  • Fell in love with it at the first listen, which is pretty damn rare.
  • i used to live in that town
  • Just thinking of what this will sound like when I see him in May is making me blush.
  • so damn good.
  • Szabo jackson
  • Sublime <3
  • It's fine for you not to like an artist I like, but if you're honestly the sort of unbridled twat to put music in quotation marks then you need a lobotomy/vasectomy
  • the live version is 1000000x times better than this.
  • If it were possible to ban an artist than Sufjan would be one of them. I'm sorry his "music" doesn't do it for me.
  • Such joy and beauty and happiness and euphoria. I crai evr tiem. For real though.

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