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  • Great album. Truly their magnum dopus.
  • Southern Lord's version is definitive and essential. This is one of the high points in the history of heavy music.
  • Arrakis
  • It's pretty much mandatory to listen to this on this day.
  • "This is so heavy, Amazon will have to deliver it to your house with a forklift" made my day :)
  • Just utterly
  • fantanocore
  • procession of the weed priests to cross the sand.
  • To be fair, nothing stops you from using acid with this kind of music. For the heaviest solo expieriences though, as no one is as crazy as me sadly, so forever solo tripper, I prefer Neurosis. But I would surely enjoy smoking some with friends to this.
  • I've spent a whole day of my life listening to this, time well spent.

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