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Poison Heart is a young Warsaw rock and roll band founded in 2010 by the members of the former Unlucky Strike. The band members Paul (ex-Unlucky Strike), Martin (ex-Unlucky Strike), Chris (ex-Unlucky Strike) were playing together until new lead vocal had been found. As a search result new vocalist Jacek joined the band (current vocalist). Finally, Marcin left and his duties were taken over by Piter (current bassist Collision). After another break-up (Piter left the band) Jacek B. took over bassist role.

The Band members, inspired by Motorhead, Gluecifer, The Hellacopters or Peter Pan Speedrock, create energetic rock'n'roll mixed with other genres of music, which can be defined as punk'n'roll with perceptible influence of hard rock and glam. The band recently played a few concerts, including rockin' as a support for Turbo AC's (Warsaw and Wroclaw), and is currently preparing to record material for an album.

www: http://www.poisonheart.pl/

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