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Pleq Członkowie: Bartosz Dziadosz Contact: +48 884 880 006 Gatunek: Experimental, Glitch & Melancholy, Downtempo, Field Recording, Drone, Ambient, Abstract, Click & Cuts, IDM, Modern Classical, Minimal Miasto rodzinne: Warsaw Pleq is the solo project of Bartosz Dziadosz, an experimental musician who combines elements of drone, down tempo, glitch and modern classical. He creates his work by fusing together independently synthesized sounds, often… dowiedz się więcej

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  • so is all the rest
  • sound of rebirth is really great
  • Brilliant work indeed
  • absolutely brilliant
  • New and beautiful track on this compilation, with money going to Hurricane Sandy victims! Please buy this 6+ hour comilation for only $ 10
  • Yes indeed.
  • Good stuff indeed.
  • Favorite album=Sound of Rebirth
  • a strictly mind relaxing music

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