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  • Awatar dla Paynomindtous
    Lorenzo Senni brought me here. hipsterize me
  • Awatar dla tangerman
    Both :-)
  • Awatar dla IFightDragos
    Why not both?
  • Awatar dla jakobdorof
    a couple records in, they've got a few song-length moments of greatness...but for the most part i'll stick w/ YMO
  • Awatar dla o_o---
    man this dude always has killer cover art
  • Awatar dla tangerman
    Welovekatamari: I have listened to some of the tracks from Tansu Matrix, and it contains a couple of Y.M.O. tracks and other cover songs. The tracks was fantastic, so I think I must order this CD. :-)
  • Awatar dla tangerman
    Laudizz: I agree with you. Bought the album back in the 80s myself, and I still listen to it once in a while :-)
  • Awatar dla Laudizz
    I just found the Logic album in my fathers LP collection. I must say that this is THE BEST electronic music from the 80's.
  • Awatar dla kuporo_s
  • Awatar dla tangerman
    New album by Logic System called "Tansu Matrix" :

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