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I Set My Pixels On Fire is Matthew's Czech own project. He loved sounds which are generated by Game Boy. Fascinated by them, he decided to try to compose music. In his tracks, he likes to experiment, going beyond the classical boundaries of chiptune music, which naturally affects on his artistic development.




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  • S RANK
  • I Set My Pixels On Fire will be in Poland
  • Plz come to China~~~
  • "Не сильно известен из-за того, что не пользуется пиаром" - что за мудак это писал? По твоему мнению фолловить всех на саундклауде и лизать им зад, комментируя даже дерьмовые треки - это не пиар?
  • it's awesome
  • Wth is this...
  • i love I Set My Pixels On Fire !
  • Pure brilliance.
  • nah, wpadajcie do Trójmiasta ! :D
  • great job here, thank for the music :D

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