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  • Awatar dla licoricepizza
    LOL, is that a hashpipe? Harry, you sly dog. :)
  • Awatar dla Tron1276
    Really great, weird LP... And that cover photo! Amazing.
  • Awatar dla prominence_la
    Instantly seized a hold on my heart. Finding "Coconut" again was like uncovering a piece of my youth.
  • Awatar dla Nakkinak
    b-side is so much better
  • Awatar dla android1985
    *bows* I need to discover more from this man.
  • Awatar dla reagan0
    This is my favorite Nilsson album. But, I like them all.
  • Awatar dla reagan0
    @franty: I agree.'s album catalogues have gotten to a ridiculous state. This is a prime example. If it weren't annoying, it would be hilarious.
  • Awatar dla optimistic_tour
    jump into the fucking fire!!!!!!!!!
  • Awatar dla crownanchor
    Jump Into The Fire is one of the most underrated songs on the planet :)
  • Awatar dla JohnnyMayhem57
    Harry was a freakin genius

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