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EVELYN: Asteria - synthesizer Chorus - guitars, bass guitar, drums programming, electronics, composing GENRE: Dark Atmospheric Metal / Melodic Metal / Industrial Metal / Instrumental Music / Electronica / Avant-garde / Progressive / Gothic / Experimental DISCOGRAPHY: Psychedelic Journey, single, 2015 Destroyed Beauty, single, 2014 Black Tears (Edge of Sanity cover), single, 2013 The Key to Understanding Suicides, full-length, 2012 Catatonic Euphoria, single, 2011 Suicidal Melancholy, single, 2010 Awareness of Death, full-length, 2008 Assertivity, full-length, 2006 Schizophrenic Key, demo, 2004 Instrumental Demo, demo, 2003 BIOGRAFIA (PL): Zespół Evelyn powstał pod… dowiedz się więcej

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  • I love suicidal melancholy
  • Wreszcie polski zespół ... :)
  • quite good metal but it doesnt have anything to do with goth
  • Das ist Gut Musik.....)))
  • sa super!:D
  • Thanks for the suggestion. It is good but you do need a real drummer i feel. that would make you less like a burzum-kind of black metal/gothic outfit and more like your own outfit.
  • This is actually pretty good. Sounds like Ram-Zet.
  • good band
  • Interview with Chorus: http://whiplash.net/materias/entrevistas/157016-evelyn.html

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