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  • Awatar dla C0NVAIR
    Probably one of best soundtracks I've ever heard. It's like early electronic stuff from '70s with modern feeling. Stunning atmosphere and so "spatial" overall expression; every piece just perfectly flows into another. Daft Punk outdid themselves on this one.
  • Awatar dla kikcapig
    Agree with menswear, thanks to Daft Punk ! Vive la France
  • Awatar dla Mii85
    Art style and world in Tron movie was damn gorgeous but movie itself was bit bland. Soundtrack was top notch!
  • Awatar dla menswear2112
    That movie was saved only by it's fantastique soundtrack. Vive la France.
  • Awatar dla capodoglio
    "Radical, man".
  • Awatar dla silverlage
  • Awatar dla roterroggen
    sound of the future [★]
  • Awatar dla johneirikd
    I agree with everyone else it's incredible. I don't mind Daft Punk.. I gave Homework a spin every now and then back in the day but this, this is something else. There's a few people banging around that it's one of the best soundtracks kicking about. Agreed but i think it's one of the best albums i've heard. It's the most perfect digital symphony.
  • Awatar dla Latrotoxin
    it is sooooo incredible!
  • Awatar dla soFFa4ka
    still perfect still epic still favourite

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